Let's make some parents and children smile!

Door: Dimitrios Vlachopoulos


€ 290,00


€ 450,00



Voor: Ronald McDonald Huis VUmc Amsterdam

Ronald McDonald House VUmc offers a home to parents of children who are being treated at the Amsterdam University Medical Center. The House does not receive a subsidy from the government and is dependent on donors, sponsors and volunteers.

I am taking this initiative to collect 3000 euros (or more!!) by the 22nd of January 2020. Every person who will donate something (even 1 euro) will also get free invitation to join an online seminar I will be offering in January-February 2020 on "effective use of technology in teaching, learning and assessment".

A lot of parents and their children at Roland McDonald House VUmc need our support. Let’s make their lives a bit easier. Every single euro counts.

Thank you very much, in advance, for your support!!

Dimitrios Vlachopoulos, PhD, SFHEA


Donaties en aanmoedigingen

(11 donaties)


Farhat Saddique € 20,00

Sobhi Khatib € 10,00

Anoniem € ***,**
Great initiative

Emma Lucie BA € 10,00

Anoniem € ***,**
Thank you Dimitrios for starting this great action.

Tom de Munck € 10,00
Good job!

Anoniem € ***,**

Hayley Hughes € 10,00

Rudsek Maduro € 5,00

Anoniem € ***,**

Anoniem € ***,**
Thank you for this initiative


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